1st Joint meeting on Natural Products Pharmacology
Naples, 24th – 26th February 2022
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We speak to Researchers and Companies of the Mediterranean area that are interested in be part of this network in order to broaden the discussion.

Pharmacologists, clinical pharmacologists, scientists interested in the promotion of research and educational efforts in natural products.
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Companies interested in natural products and research in this field.
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It does not matter if you are a University-based researcher or belonging to other institutional entity or a companies’ researcher. If you are working or interested in the wide range of fields of life sciences, and in particular of natural products, you are welcome in the IUPHAR Mediteranean Group on Natural Products Pharmacology:

The field of activity of IMGNPP is the “research of natural products for health and wellbeing”. Natural products are case intended as food supplements, medical devices with substances, herbal medicinal products or other natural products today included in the market of natural products such as the so-called “cosmeceuticals”. The sector of natural products for health is growing because of entry of innovative products based on natural substances. However, the scientific community is not facing this challenge in the right way.

The last year we launched a call for not-Italian researchers and first response was very enthusiastic. We received adhesion from the most of countries facing to the Mediterranean Sea including nations of North Africa such as Egypt and Libya and from Middle East as Israel and Lebanon.

Not only pharmacologists ! The IMGNPP is open to any researcher or healthcare professional operating in the field of natural products. This field is extremely complicated and shows more difficult compared to of world of synthetic drugs. It is a world inhabited by experts coming from different fields but sometimes they work on its own, without a necessary collaboration between pre-clinical and clinical researchers.

Several companies, but still a few, are doing well in the area of natural products. However, despite a commitment to innovation, this field lacks some of the in-depth scientific resources that are needed to come up with major breakthroughs.

On the light of the above expressed considerations, natural products companies need to be close to researchers during the development of their products to think together about strategy from conception to market.

In our view, concurrent different approaches have a significant impact in the field of natural products: phytochemistry aspects as well as the development of purification and extraction methods, agrarian sciences, regulatory requirements as well as medical knowledge. However, these approaches are more often not linked each other. In this way, natural products as the final result of research, not always hit the target.

So, we are asking you to join in the Mediterranean group of Natural Products Pharmacology. We are searching to put together researchers belonging to different areas of research: such as biochemistry, botanicals, physiology, pharmacology, biology, medicine.

What are the advantages for a company that decides to join the IUPHAR Mediteranean Group of Natural Products Pharmacology?

1 Network

create a favorable context for research and innovation that can maximize the possibility of success in the applications to research projects. In short, establish a network and access funding. Collaboration with the academic world will also make it possible to promote quality research that will - inevitably - have positive implications for all components.

2 Increase visibility

through various initiatives, e.g. the writing of:
- newsletters in which companies can write a text/paragraph on a topic of particular interest or simply on natural Mediterranean products
- position papers on issues on which there is an open debate
- reviews published in Pharmadvances
- organization/participation in webinars/conferences, round tables to stimulate topical debates in which active company participation is expected

3 Start an interlocution at political level

the group, composed of academic and business units, can become an authoritative entity for dealing with the political world as an advisory body. This context could lead to e.g. a regulatory evolution that facilitates innovation as well as create a discussion table at the international level to foster harmonization among the various countries.

4 Spread the knowledge

through educational initiatives for healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers and collaborate with other associations and scientific societies, e.g. in the fields of phytochemistry, botany, food chemistry) in a multidisciplinary and synergistic approach to research on natural products.

Application Forms

To join the group fill in the application form and send to segreteria@sifweb.org

Application form for companies
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Application form for researchers
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